All Grace (Selena Gomez) can think about for the past four years of high school is saving up for her graduation trip to Europe. The day comes and Grace is ready to go with her best friend, Emma (Katie Cassidy) beside her. Her happy mood turns sour when her step sister, Meg (Leighton Meester)-whom Grace has never gotten along with since the day they met-is forced by the parents to join them. So, the three are off to rushing tours, blurry sightings from the bus and a crappy hotel room. There is a slight mix-up with Grace when employees of a lavish hotel and the rest of Europe think that she is the heiress Cordelia. Tired of being on a boring vacation, they all agree to live the rich life in Monte Carlo while the real Cordelia is away. Will they get caught? Will this lie bring Meg and Grace closer together? 


            I really enjoyed this film. What I liked most is that it didn’t go in the typical order of a girlfriend-outing chick flick. You know when girlfriends go out on a trip together and they discover themselves with the help of each other through girl-bonding. In this film, the three all started out together but ventured out in their own directions relating to their at-home issues: Grace with wanting find herself and figure out what she wants to do with her life. Emma wanting to take the next step with her boyfriend but before she leaves, he doesn’t take it making her to venture out to another suitor in Monte Carlo. Meg, being an up-tight college student, needs to learn to enjoy life. Monte Carlo is a nice treat for a girl’s night. All in all, I will see this film again.