Author: seanharrison

My name is Sean Harrison and I'm an aspiring novelists and film maker. My interests include writing, reading, listening to music, watching movies, cooking, swimming (when I get the chance) and playing video games on occasion. I pretty much like any genre of movie, but I do not like any movie. My favorite genres include Samurai, Kung Fu, Thriller, Crime, Historical Epic, Anime, Action, and Horror. But I love pretty much any genre (as long as it's well made). In the past I've taken countless writing classes, whether it be essays, creative writing, or journalism. And I've also taken a few film classes, which have given me an understanding of film technique and art. Though, I don't necessarily judge a movie based solely on well done it is in the technical department but also on how well it does its genre. I mean I judge horror movies on how scary/creepy they are, comedies on how funny they are, musicals on how good the music and choreography is etc. I'm currently working on a few screenplays in the genres of thriller, horror, and crime.