The Town-Review

This film is about Charleston, Massachusetts being is known for the most multiple bank robberies. The best bank robbers in town are lead by Doug MacRay (Ben Affleck), who is the brains of the operations. Not only do the robbers get away with stolen money but the cops can’t seem to ever track them because there are no tracks to find. All is in order until the robbers rob another bank and kidnap one of the tellers named Claire Keesey (Rebbecca Hall). They let her go free and Doug follows her to see if she told the police anything about them. After a of couple of meetings, he starts to fall for Rebbecca and they start to date. This new found love makes Doug want to change his career and settle down with Rebbecca. Unfortunately, his team and the people he work for are not happy with this idea. How will Doug get out? Will Rebbecca ever find out what Doug does for a living?


Well, once again I love it when actors direct movies and this one was satisfying. This film has action, romance, drama, and a little suspense that kept me talking about the movie. I enjoyed the location, the beautiful cities of Boston and Charleston, MA. I admire the intelligence behind the robberies, weather having enough time to wipe off their fingerprints during the robbery to knowing the exact acceptance time for opening the money vault. This means that the bank can open the vault at exactlly 8:15am and it would not alarm the police but if it was outside that time then the police would know that a robbery is taken place.  I liked Affleck’s character Doug; he’s smart, loyal, and a sweetheart to Rebbecca. Rebbecca once told Doug that some thugs were bothering her as she was walking home, so he grabs his best friend and robbery partner, James Coughlin (Jeremy Renner) to go give the thugs a good warning beating. The only thing I can object to is Blake Lively’s character, Krista Coughlin. At first I felt that her role wasn’t needed because she only had a couple shots in the film. Then I thought her role needed more exposure, I felt like I needed to hear her story or involvement with the other characters more. All in all, I would watch this film again but probably not buy it.

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