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Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol-Review

            While on a mission to finish a late agent’s task, Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is thought to have caused a terrorist bombing of the Kremlin. IMF, the company Ethan works for, is disavowed. The President of the United States declares Ghost Protocol, cutting all of the resources for Ethan and his team and is to report back to the US for a court hearing. With the help of the Secretary of State, Ethan escapes to uncover the unknown terrorist. Along the way, Ethan discovers that the terrorist plan is to declare a nuclear war on the US. Will they find and stop him? Will Ethan clear his name? Is this mission just too impossible to complete?  


 I love this movie. It literary has non-stop high power action from scene to scene. Say what you want about Tom but he can make an action movie look awesome. I love the characters connections to one another: Benji Dunn (Simon Pegg), the computer guy is on his first mission and frantically questions Ethan if he is doing everything right. William Brandt (Jeremy Renner), the analyst forced to work with the team when his boss dies and living with a secret burden towards Ethan. Finally, the beautiful and tough Jane Carter (Paula Patton) who is out to avenge her lover and fallen agent. I love and love watching Jane fight. It wasn’t too girly with slaps and scratches or too fake with her fighting off men two or three times her size and win. I hate that. She gave legitimate and lethal punches and kicks like a pro. The building scene from the trailers where Ethan free flies into an open window is awesome in the film. Even though, I knew that he was going to make it, the film was choreographed so nicely that it kept me in denial. Koodos to the director. If I have to say one negative thing about this film is that it didn’t have what part three had. It didn’t have that emotional and sentimental tide to risk it all for that one someone or something. I mean this film had a lot but not that, which is why I’m giving it 4.5 stars instead of 5. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD/Blu Ray.

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  1. I also enjoyed this movie and I agree with you it lacked some aspects, but mostly was fun and entertaining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. So it seems everyone likes Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. I think the action was breathtaking, and yes, the shots from the tower in Dubai, and the Kremlin being blown up were all impressive. Yes, the action was non-stop, and thats all very impressive too, and, yes, Simon Pegg’s character added a nice slice of humour to the action, but like this reveiw, i personally felt the film lacked the bit of substance it really needed. It was a blast to watch, but there’s only so many ‘impossible’ things, (i.e climbing up the windows of the tallest building in the world unassited and obviously, using just the one hand, before running down the side of the building, which is horizontal) you can take before it all becomes a bit silly and slightly impossibe to beleive. Also the story between Ethen and his wife, lacked any real emotion, which was parallel to my feelings as i left the cinema ever so disappointed.

  3. Thank you for your comment but if you read my review again, you will find that you just repeated everything I said. Also, everyone knows what type of movie the Mission Impossibles are. They are not suppose to look real but large, violent and very Hollywood. You should not have went to see the film if you ever thought otherwise. If they do make another movie, I would gladly go see it expecting it to be what it should and maybe you should stay home. Once again, thank you for your comment and have a nice day.

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