Righting Wrongs (1986)

Yuen Biao, Cynthia Rothrock and Melvin Wong star in this explosive action thriller known as Righting Wrongs (aka Above The Law). Set in 1980’s Hong Kong.We are taken to Hong Kong were the Liang family is in witness protection then a man dressing up as a cop comes by their apartment, shoots everyone in the household but the kids and blows the place up. Ha Ling Ching (Yuen Biao) who is working on his first case (the Liang family was the ones to bring down the criminals) finds out that there dead and now Chou Ting Kuang and Wei Cheng are free to go that’s when Ha takes the law into his own hands. Ha follows Wei Cheng to his hotel grabs a rope, goes to the hotel roof to drop down to Wei Cheng’s hotel window to break in and kill him. His bodyguards find him dead and after they leave Ha escapes from the window he came from to find a ticket on his car. Cindy (Cynthia Rothrock) and Bad Egg (Corey Yuen Kwai) are officers who are investigating Wei Chang’s murder as Cindy goes into the building were Wei died, Bad Egg gets two tickets. Cindy realizes that they are ticketing everyone around the hotel so she checks everyone who has been ticketed lately and Ha Ling Ching becomes a prime suspect on her list.

Its nothing but good performances coming from this film. Yuen Biao is always great he puts so much into his acting that he really didn’t get to do a lot from his 70’s film’s. Cynthia Rothrock in one of her early film roles shows how a girls are supposed to do damage (the girl on girl fight scene is what some call the best girl fight ever). Last Melvin Wong has to be one of the most evil people on screen I ever seen in a long time.

Director Cory Yuen Kwai (The Bodyguard From Beijing – 1994, My Father Is A Hero – 1995) has done an excellent job of this film with having the humor flow with the action to make the movie more interesting and camera shots on the film making the movie more loveable.

The whole film is a great representation of the judical system and the corrupt officers that are in there.The stunts in the movie are excellent, this movie has some of the best action ever shown on screen and fans of the martial arts genere will love it. All the endings of this film do not end in a happy note (its been stated by Melvin Wong that Sammo Hung directed the final fight sequence) and due to censorship reasons many scenes have been changed or added dependes on which version you see. I recommend Dragon Dynasty’s director’s cut released under the title Above The Law.

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