Cheung Ching Ching, Tien Peng, Yee Yuen, Kwan Yung, Yeung Siu Ping, and Hong Hoi star in the martial arts film, The Big Fight (aka World War Of Kung Fu and Blood On The Sun), a film set in the Japanese occupation of China.

When Tung Hai Chuan (Tien Peng) doesn’t salute to the Japanese soldiers a fight ensures a he kills them all. We are then taken to a restaurant where everyone is enjoying their meal until the Japanese come in, tease the singer and throw everyone out. Tung who is in the restaurant will not listen so he beats them all up and kicks them out. After the fight he is joined by the people he help at the restaurant (they want to help hide him) so they go to a toll where there stuff is being looked at (by stabbing their stuff to see if they have salt since salt can be made into gunpowder) they walk to the end of the toll to see the same guys from the restaurant. Wu Sheng Yuen (Kwan Yung) comes over Hei Chiu’s (Tung Fong Mei Fung) to check the census, but instead tries to hit on her, she denies him and insults his mother so he rapes her. After another “census check”, Wu Sheng Yuen and his dad work out a plan with the Japanese to establish a martial arts tournament.

The actor’s dubbing on the movie is ok with some people’s names being said differently and times the character dialogue doesn’t even make since. A lot of martial arts movies had this kind of dubbing and those who watch a lot of these films you just got use to it (now the new dubs on old films are just plain awful) like me. Hopefully someday the original language version will come out of the shadows.

Directors Suen Sing Yuen (Gambling For Gold – 1973) and Sung Ting Mei (The Deadly Silver Spear – 1977) are good at directing at the directing aspect like having the camera steady during the fight scenes but I did notice some goofs, like when there was a huge fight all the actors playing Japanese fighters had an armband on them.

The movie overall is just your good old fun kung fu movie that you can enjoy over and over. Usually when Tien Peng plays in a P&B (Punch and Block) his moves are more slower but when he played in this film he was giving it all he got. If you like watching martial arts movies then this one is definitely a movie to check out. Try looking for the 90 minute version as most versions out on the market are cut down to 75 minutes.