Worse movie I have ever seen, and I have seen House of the Dead and Gigli

It was almost worth sitting through this entire god-awful “film” just to know that I can never experience anything as bad as this again. Acting – 0, script – 0, fight scenes – 0, male lead – 0 (cheddar bob from eight mile as a suave war hero who gets the girl), Nadia Bjorlin – 10 (She is gorgeous and not a terrible actress). This is the criteria I used to average it out to a two. I lost count but I believe ever movie clich√©, ever, is in this movie. When the driver that supposedly killed her father miraculously shows up at the end to race against her, from out of nowhere it cemented the previous statement. Plus he just shows up for no reason. He was never even mentioned before. I don’t know what else to say here. Just watch it when it comes out on TV in a couple years. At least that way some of it will be edited out for commercials.