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Driftwood: Rotten and Sinking

Driftwood was directed by Tim Sullivan and stars Dallas Page and Ricky Ullman. Ullman’s role is that of David who is sent to an “attitude adjustment” facility (a prison) after his parents decide he is going down the same path that drove their other son to suicide. Page plays the man who runs the prison. A horror mystery begins when David begins seeing the ghost of a previously killed kid tenant of the prison.

If I am to judge this film based off of my previous experience with director Sullivan’s work, I can not help but point out the similarities. Sullivan seems to have a knack for capturing not only over-the-top bad acting, but also seems to enjoy over-the-top characters in general. His previous film I watched was the cult horror hit 2001 Maniacs, which was campy and gory with Robert Englund putting in a silly, yet charismatic performance. In Driftwood it seems as if former wrestler turned actor “Diamond” Dallas Page is filling the eccentric, silly role as an evil warden type character trying to adjust the attitudes of these boys. There isn’t such a fine line between horror and drama in this film, with this more or less jumping out of the former genre and playing off as one of those coming of age through hardships sort of films; displaying the rough prison life. Page is not Englund and the campy-ness does not work here.

The lead actor Ricky Ullman does a fine job, however, the rest of the cast just plain suck. Yeah, that pretty much sums up the acting. The bad acting that once made Sullivan cool with 2001 Maniacs is just bad acting in Driftwood and worthy of a thumbs down.

Perhaps this was a personal project that Sullivan just desired to do to make some interesting variety appear on his resume, since it is not your average horror film, though it does feel quite average in substance overall, and is quite the poor and dull movie experience.

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