Nacho Libre

Nacho Libre was rated PG for crude humor and some violence (wrestling).  It stars Jack Black and is 92 minutes long. 

This movie is about a boy who grows up in an orphanage and becomes a monk because he loves god.  His one dream is to wrestle, and he can’t seem to get that dream out of his head.  As an adult he works at the monastary as the cook and meets the woman of his dreams, a nun, who of course he can’t have.  This is for two reasons, one is he is a monk and the second is that she is a nun.  Ignacio (Jack Black’s Monk) decides that he should be a wrestler so he can buy fresh food for the orphanage.  He wrestles under the name Nacho and on the way he loses sight of why he is doing it, buying himself expensive shoes and clothes instead of things for the orphanage.  The movie goes along the plot of conscience from there. 

This movie is supposed to be a comedy but I did not find it very funny.  This movie could have been a clever little movie but it takes itself too seriously.  Who really thinks the nun and the monk will end up together?  It would be a conflict of interest int he movie since it is all about the orphans.  The nun was introduced for absolutly no reason.  There were times when it could have been funny, especially with the character that continually dogs Nacho at the monastary.  Instead this movie relies on Jack Black eyebrows and fart noises.

I guess I am not a big fan of Jack Black, since the only movies I marginally liked were Shallow Hal and School of Rock.  Most of his movies seem to rely on crude humor (anyone see the movie Envy).  This movie was a flop, just like Jack Black’s character Ignacio, he flopped around all over the wrestling ring.

Take my advice, skip this movie.  If you want a comedy try a Mel Brooks movie.

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  1. I will have to disagree. I laugh quite a bit. I am a big fan of Jack Black and all of his films, especially Tenacious D, School of Rock, and Envy. I am not a big fan of Mel Brooks, so we have completely different views on comedy. I would have to say that I couldn’t help but enjoy this film.

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