The Expendables

        Action lovers rejoice, there are no masks no teens and no biceps less than 40″ here. Were talking to you Spiderman. Here we have a movie directed by Sylvestre Stallone and stars Jet Li, Jason Statham, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce willis, Mickey Rourke and of course Stallone. Throw in a few relevant tough guys of today (Austin, Couture) and a cameo from the Terminator and you got yourself a hit, and a few destroyed buildings.

        We have a team of mercenaries who call themselves the Expendables, not knowing how to do much else still working privately to earn a living trying and bury some of the bad memories from past conflicts. The movie leads the Expendables team to a small place in South America that has been overrun by an ex CIA agent (Eric Roberts). The leader of the Expendables (Stallone), gets hired by who the team believes is a current CIA agent (Willis) to clean up all the dirty work without consequence. Wisely the team turns it down but of course go anyway to right the wrongs, and save a girl. 

         I commend Stallone for having a consistent tone throughout the movie. With most scenes taking place at night, Stallone gave the movie a very cool and sleek feeling throughout. With all the dark scenes, i commend Stallone for providing adequate lighting in each of the scenes without affecting the tone of the movie.

        The special effects and stunts gave me a mixed feeling by the end. Some were done really well while others came across as fake and corny. Let’s face it tough, this movie delivers exactly what it promised. Lots of high flying, high testosteron action. It’s a true action movie without any skinny superheroes with a mask on.

        Of course we all wish that the movie could have included guys like Van Damme and Segal instead of certain guys, we all know who they are, but the movie never pretended to be anything else but a wham bam thank you maam kind of movie. The explosions are big, the guns are loud, and our need for a bit of Scwarzeneger was fulfilled. Is it the best movie of the year, no but it did the trick.

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