I think that the most underrated actor in the game right now is most certainly the great Tom Hardy. He deserves an Oscar for this year’s Inception performance, and he deserved an Oscar for his performance in 2008’s Bronson. Tom Hardy’s performance really rocketed this movie into effect, though besides some graphic nudity, language and some brutal ass whoopings, there wasn’t much else. The film was often times mysterious for no real reason, and though I enjoyed the film, I didn’t think that it was too incredibly riveting, though the film was very entertaining, and mind you it was based on a true story. It just didn’t capture the audience in the way I wanted it to, meaning that though Hardy’s performance was nothing short of excellent, the film was still missing some parts.

A man named Michael Peterson (Hardy) is the narrator of this autobiography. He was a child of anger who always did bad things, and was one day sentenced to prison, but because of his alter-ego, Charles “Charlie” Bronson, he had to stay in prison for 30 years because of his terrible behavior. The story is good, the acting is fantastic, and the violence is STRONG.

*Quick warning: This movie is incredibly violent, has a good bit of nudity, and is heavy on the language, so if you are uncomfortable around certain movies because of ANY of the previous elements, I would not recommend this movie to you.

Best Aspects: Acting, writing, plot (because truth really is stranger than fiction), and the directing, which was done by Denmark-born Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising). The camera effects and ways the movie was shot were brilliant, as well.

Bottom Line: B+. A good movie that is easy to get into, yet very brutal and disturbing. Not quite Lars Von Trier’s Antichrist, but still.

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