Cast : Prithviraj Sukumaran, Priya Anand, Tovino Thomas, VijayaRaghavan
Story-Screenplay-Direction : Jay K
: Horror-Thriller
Released : 10-Feb-2017

It was an era when Jewish settlements exist in Kerala. A story based on Jewish settlement and their traditions (atleast to an extent) is not much explored in malayalam industry. Jay K’s Ezra brings a Jewish tradition based horror treatment much to the surprise as his debut.

A young couple shifts from Mumbai to Kochi and makes one of the oldest villas their home. Little did

they know that the happiness in their life would soon be ruined. It all starts as the last Jew of Ke

rala passes away and Priya (Priya Anand) picks up a box from his antique collection from a shop in Kochi.

Will Ranjan be able to help Priya and bring peace back in their life? Suspense mounts as an interesting twist awaits you post-interval and it will keep you on the edge of your seat.
The visual depiction of 1941’s Jewish settlements in Kerala are nicely pictured. Cinematography by Sujith vasudev works perfectly in horror sequences as well as the periodic flashback scenes. We have a flashback much like every horror movie which depicts the origination of the evil. Of course, we would have probably guess from there how it will ends. The twist in the end came unexpected but then a close watch at the scenes make it more predictable.

Prithviraj is at the helm and delivers what is needed for the story. He shows enough maturity in romance scenes as well the horror scenes. Priya Anand is a graceful addition to the script and she too did good. We have a good amount of star cast too where you can’t find flaws in anyone’s acting. The Jewish Exorcism scenes are well made and is at par with Hollywood. If you known Satan for Exorcism series, then we have Dybbuk for Ezra. The Dybbuk box episodes are new to anyone who doesn’t know about Jewish traditions and Jay K has to be appreciated for weaving a plot around it.

Technically brilliant Cinematography with a perfect BGM is the main plus in Ezra. Ample amount of Excellent BGM suits the horror mood in the movie and takes you to thrill ride. It’s not the just the fear factor that makes Ezra work, but its near-perfect narration of a forgotten era and people who existed in Kochi centuries ago.

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