Silent house-Review


Sarah (Elizabeth Olsen) is remodeling a childhood summer house with her father, Peter (Eric Scheffer Stevens) and uncle, John (Adam Trese). The feel of taking in the serene atmosphere of isolation and silence is interrupted when Sarah hears footsteps coming from upstairs. As her father and uncle continue working, Sarah goes to investigate. But her investigative instincts turn against her when the cat and mouse chase begins. Who are the intruders? What are they after? Are the three in danger?

I thought this film could have been better. In the beginning, I saw what the director was trying to do with up close and slow shots of Sarah; focusing on small details such as when she is just standing in one spot for about a minute and then walk over to another without saying anything or doing anything. But it never led anywhere exciting and it just seems like the director was using up film to make a full movie. I did like that the director didn’t rely on sudden loud tempo to scare the audience but instead uses Elizabeth’s acting. Koodos to that, for I have been waiting a while to see that in a film. Elizabeth did a pretty okay job with her character although she did some annoying things that you will have to watch to find out. The other actors seem like ametuers and I did not enjoy their screen time.  I hate the end. It was so cliche and bland. All in all, I would not see this film again.
Rating: 1.5 stars

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