As life for me becomes more tepid and terrifyingly predictable I have lost interest in the academy award winning films that leave you more depressed than at the start; as if you had attended a Shakespeare tragedy. This excludes of course,  any Quinton Torrentino award winning film that I would very readily watch. What breaks the perpetual circle of life is the bang, boom, and free balling blasts of the big screen action films. Jason Stathom being at the top of my A-list anti-heroes that totally rock. The man is like a harnessed bomb that is ready to go off at any time.

For any like minded adrenaline seekers such as myself, I would recommend any of his films. That is all for now, and look out for Salt, due in theatres near the end of this month. This may be the last movie that Angelina Jolie makes so be there.