Taken, a Mr. E Movie Review

(Run time: 93 min. – Directed by: Pierre Morel – Starring: Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace)

Taken is an action-packed, hard-hitting, fast-paced story that every father can find himself engulfed in! Director Pierre Morel has created one heck-of-a-man movie!

When former government agent Brian, played by Liam Neeson, retired to be closer to his daughter Kim, played by Maggie Grace, the only thing on his calendar was her birthday. But, after her new, rich step-dad out does Brian at the party he finds himself alone. Later that night some old buddies convince him to work a private security gig for a hot, young pop star. During that job a crazed fan pulls a knife on the star and Brian quickly comes to the rescue proving he hasn’t lost a step.

The next day Brian gets a call from his daughter inviting him to lunch where she pops the question…can she go to Europe with her friend? Knowing what Brian knows about Europe he has a hard time agreeing to let her go. But, like most father’s trying to earn favor with their 17 year old daughter’s, he eventually gives in.

Once in Europe, Kim and her friend Amanda are befriended by a young French man named Peter. Unfortunately for the girls Peter turns out to be part of a human trafficking ring that kidnaps young female tourists and forces them into prostitution. Suddenly, the girls are attacked! Kim, in a seperate room, has time to call her father, Brian, and tell him what’s going on right before she’s taken.

Brian’s helpless back in the United States but gets to give the kidnapper one last warning before heading to Paris to do whatever it takes to get his daughter back safely. (And I mean whatever it takes!)

Liam Neeson is awesome and I am glad to see him make it all the way to the final credits alive! (It’s been awhile since I can remember seeing him doing that!)

The exposing of the ugliness of human trafficking and underworld prostitution all coupled with the awesome vengeance of a military trained father who’ll stop at nothing to rescue his little girl makes for a heart wrench yet, heart warming entertainment experience.

I recommend this movie to anyone over eighteen because of the nature of story and definitely recommend Taken to any and all of you fathers out there!