Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Comedy Killers: Starring Ashston Kutcher, Katherine Heigel, & Tom Selleck

Killers: Starring Ashston Kutcher, Katherine Heigel, & Tom Selleck

The story begins on a Plane With a young woman named Jen, Who, after being dumped by her boyfriend, reluctantly accompanies her parents on a trip to Nice Paris. While there, she meets tall and handsome Spencer Aimes, A mysterious young man with a deep, dark, secret. He just happens to be a hired gun for the CIA, however after feeling the weight of his lifestlye coming down around him, and an unexpected romance blossoms with the afreomentioned Jen, Spencer decides to give up his mecernary life and leave the killing behind him, but three years after he quits his job, on his birthday, a 20 million dollar bounty is placed on his head, and thats when the action starts! Now on the run for their lives, this pair of newlyweds will have to come together, in order to save their lives, and their marriage.

I have to admit the truth, I. Like many of you, Were skeptical about this film and the content within it. I thought “Oh look, Their going to attempt to clone Mr and Mrs Smith,” Then I sat down after two days of trying to watch this movie. (Mostly blowing it off). And I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised to find out, that this movie Kicks Ass! First of all, I must give major props to Director Robert Luketic, he caught the emotions of the charecters, and the shots of the landscape very well. Some of the views of Nice (Italy) Where some of the most beautiful I’d ever seen.  Lucketic was the director of such gems as Monster In Law and Legally Blonde starring  Reese Witherspoon. Born in Sydney Australia, and graduating

from The Victorian College of Arts; Its no wonder he made such a splash in the states. With the work he put in, to craft this into more then just another action film, I believe Luketics unique brand of comedy will one day be a staple to others. As for the acting; I really enjoyed the cast, Tom Selleck as Mr Komfeldt, (Katherine Heigels father in the film).was hilarious The intensity shared between his and

Ashton Kutchers charecter was perfect, and some of the funnier scenes of the movie. And both Asthon Kutcher and Katherine Heigels chemistry was right where it needed to be. It was sexual without being trashy, and passionate without being purely based on sex, but more on the deeper connection the charecters shared, their mtual shortcomings and past life baggage. (Though some might agree Spencer had the most). I also enjoyed the acting, as I said Ashton and Katherine are both masters of their craft, Actually bringing the audiance into their lives and conflicts. I actually cared whether or not if they survied the end of the movie, both literally and figurativly.  But should I have expected, Kutcher killed his role in the Butterfly Effect and Heigel was just a delight in Knocked Up. I really wouldn’t reccomend anyone whos expecting to see works such as the GodFather and The Devils Advocate.

But If you want to see a Funny and very well made action, comedy, With a great cast, cool fight scenes, and phychotic killers for hire, then I recommend checking it out.

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