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Man Som Hatar Kvinnor (Men Who Hate Women), or The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Stieg Larsson died in 2004, but before he died, he wrote a trilogy of novels known as the Millennium Trilogy. His first novel, Man Som Hatar Kvinnor (the American title is The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo), received massive acclaim from critics, and then there was a decision to make a movie on it, which was a good decision.

Ruined reporter/publisher named Mikael, who lost a case against a powerful man, is asked to try and solve a 40 year old murder case. When he is offered a sum of money worth doing it for and the ability to live there for six months to solve the case, he agrees. Lizbeth, a emo-girl that is a computer mastermind, works for a company that pays her for her abilities. She hacks Mikael’s computer to have the ability to see what he’s doing, and notices that he is on the case he is one. Lizbeth is also in a bind with her sexually-harassing financial advisor, who won’t let her take money out with out having some form of sexual contact with him. Lizbeth doesn’t like this, and plans to do something to make the man pay.

Best Aspects: Great acting, writing, directing and plot.

Bottom Line: A. Great movie, worth seeing by all who want to see a good detective story.

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