L.I.E. (2001)

J.C. Simpson Certified “Must-Be-Seen” movie. It is available for Instant View on Netflix. Just see it. There is a bit of controversial content in the movie, but it makes all the more true to life.

The genre of coming age tales seems to be an overdone field, most of the films sucking, or being funny, both outcomes equally unreal. But, there are a very select few that are actually very powerful and true, such as A Guide to Recognizing Your Saints, or, so far the best one that I have seen, L.I.E.

L.I.E. (Which stands for the Long Island Expressway) is a place where the roads run east, west and straight to hell. Howie Blitzer (a young and amazing Paul Dano) is a young kid who has no mother and has no relationship with his father. He goes around town with three friends, and breaks into houses, trying to find something that will make life a bit more easy. When he and Gary, one day, break into a former spy’s house and steal his prized guns, he hears them and rushes down. He rips the back pocket off of Howie’s pants, and searches for Howie’s friend Gary (Billy Kay), who the vet Big John (the outstanding Brian Cox) knows, and he attempts to find Howie and get his guns back. When Howie may not be able to get back the guns, Big John, who is a child pornography caterer, attempts to make a deal with him.

Best Aspects: The film is so powerful in dialog, writing, directing and fantastic acting that it is impossible to dislike this movie.

Bottom Line: A+. It is the best coming-of-age tale I have ever seen on the big screen. It is a must see for fans of the genre, and for anyone who wants to see superb acting.

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