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The Last Airbender-Review


This film starts off with the peaceful living of the four elements, fire, air, water, and earth. Each nation can only control one element, except The Avatar (also known as Airbender). The Avatar controls all of the elements and keeps peace between the nations by communicating with each elements spiritual beings. The Avatar’s only destiny is to be born, maintain peace between the nations, die and get reincarnated. When the Avatar becomes a young boy, he decides to run away from the temple because he can’t accept his destiny. One hundred years later, the fire nation has pledged war with other nations to obtain hierarchy. The Avatar, Anag, (Noah Ringer) returns and learns the consequence of his abandonment. With the help of his new friends, Katara, the last waterbender of her kind, (Nicole Peltz) and her brother, Sokka (Jackson Rathbone), Anag must find a way to gain the other elements, he didn’t yet learn before he fled, to defeat the fire nation. Does Anag has enough time to learn three more elements before the fire nation destroy another town?


First of all, I didn’t like the way the characters bend elements. They have to do an eight count karate mixed with yoga posing moves in order to perform one defensive act. It looked like they were exercising with each other rather than fighting.  While the airbender is performing these poses, the enemy just stands there and wait until he is finish instead of attacking. This is insane! Also, after one hundred years of Anag being away and returning, everyone is excited to have him back. Little did they know, he can only bend one element when he’s suppose to bend all four. How can he defeat the fire nation when he doesn’t know anything? So now he has to travel to the other nations to have their masters teach him?! If they are at war with the fire nation and they are destroying towns, it’s ridiculous that the people have to wait for their savior to learn skills before he can protect them. Also, I didn’t like the fact that if Anag is suppose to protect the nations, then why do the spirits that guide him continuously tell him that he’s not allowed to fight, just bring about peace. When others are throwing fire at your skull and burning towns, a little defense could go a long way. I also didn’t like that the length of the film only taught Anag the element of water. Just one elements. Now there’s going to be a part two and maybe three! Seriously, they should just give up and leave the action to the cartoon. I would not see this movie again.

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  1. I remember that I was so excited to watch this movie. I even readied my popcorn and even find a comfortable spot at the movie house. I’m so excited before entering the movie house only to be totally disappointed going out..why?!!
    well first,i don’t like the idea that their savior only knows one bending element and he needs to train the other three elements.And along with his friends-cum-guide,he needs to travel from one nation to another while they are chased by the fire nation.And for some time i was wondering why they keep on chasing Anag while on his training?!and after transferring from one nation to another,he only learns to bend the water that time one will know that there would be a sequel on this movie.and one can also expect that in every sequel only one element will be taught to Anag.oh, this another movie installment?!!!if it is,i won’t be that eager to watch it again..

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