I could not score tickets to the premier; hence I waited out the rush and finally against many negative reviews on MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL I am watching it. When news broke out that Tom Cruise and J.J Abrams were on the lookout for a director never did I for a moment expect Brad Bird to land himself on the project. It is no secret that the MI franchise is indeed the Tom Cruise mobile. However will it continue to be so is only a question Tom Cruise can answer?

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL is Director Brad Birds’ first full length action production behind the camera. Bird who is a wizard with animations somehow seems to have impressed the producers and Paramount pictures in order to gain the main seat behind the camera. Did he fair well? I think he did. Did the movie work as a revamp for Tom Cruises’ career? It would be acceptable to say ‘yes’. However did the movie as a whole create that experience we would expect out of this overrated franchise? I think not. It is in fact an average production which I found more to have been tipped onto the funny side with Simon Pegg than onto some thrilling action.

When the Kremlin explodes in the background and Ethan Hunt is covered by the debris all I was thinking was why they could not have done a better job with the cinematography? INDEPENDENCE DAY which was shot back in 1996 was awarded for its effects and almost 2 decades down Cruise, Abrams and Bird messes it up! The scaling of Burj Khalifa from the outside, the futuristic BWM and Simon Pegg saves MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL from being rated any lower than at midpoint! The action sequences apart from the Burj are the types that could have been done or seen in any movie. MISSION IMPOSSIBLE is a name that on its own sets a certain standard. Although personally I believe it is overrated, it does set the benchmark on many levels for its gadgets and stunts since 1996. Apart from the gloves and the car, nothing else seemed Ethan Hunt to me.

The MI franchise is always known to move from director to director since it does not want to be like the one before. However I sense the flaw isn’t in the direction or the cast. It’s in the screenplay. It is too basic. In Fact its basic enough that I can skip a synopsis if not I may have to spoil it for the lucky few who have not watched it yet. It is not a bad script at all however it indeed isn’t espionage material enough for a MI revamp. Ethan is assigned a mission, should he wish to accept it the message self-destructs (that line is way too old for 2012!) Ethan locates the villain, hunts him down and saves the day. This is exactly the concept since 1996. It is evident that MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: GHOST PROTOCOL is indeed a very hard fought battle by both the cast and the crew. It saddens me as a fan to see the movie fall short of what I expected.

A humble request to Tom Cruise , if you chose to accept MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 5 please reconsider the entire concept of the franchise; if not your fan base will self-destruct without a doubt!


Directed: Brad Bird

Starring: Tom Cruise, Jeremy Renner, Simon Pegg, Paula Patton, Michael Nyqvst and Tom Wilkinson

Rated: PG13

Rating: 05/10

133 Minutes


  1. J.J. Abrahams? Its Abrams.

    You write a lot here but end up saying very little about the actual film. I think it would be helpful for you to focus your writing. Break your review up into paragraphs and have each paragraph focus on one DIFFERENT aspect of the movie. For instance, of director Brad Bird you ask, “did he fair well?” You answer “Yes” but then its on to something else. No explanation of why he earned a “Yes”.

    Also I disagree with the statement that the self-destructing message is dated. The franchise is based on a TV show from the 60’s and one of the trademarks of that show was the message that self-distructed. Getting rid of it would be akin to getting rid of “May the force be with you” in the latest Star Wars film or James bond suddenly taking to bourbon instead of martinis.

  2. Sincere apologies on the incorrect mention of the name and I have corrected that. Thank you for highlighting the factor.

    I really appreciate the feedback, its then one can correct themselves. I will indeed consider the pointers shared by you in future.

    You seem to be a fan of the series? So am I.

    Mission Impossible has always been about pushing the limits or so it is expected be. Isnt it? Did you honestly feel that it did justice to the great revamp? This is the school of thought that my review is based on.

    As for the limited explanations, I have tried to keep it short, since i my self will never read a lengthy review.

    However this being said, I am with you on the self destructing msg , it should be removed, however its just getting too old. Much like the franchise. 3 times they used it in Ghost Protocol! Thats too much I think!

    Movies are quite subjective, which is what makes all of this much more interesting….


  3. Hey thanks for your response. You should read my review of this film, as it will explain my feelings more completely.

    I felt that the plot of this film was what let it down. Where as the previous installments have all been smart, somewhat sophisticated spy thrillers, this one was generic action. However, the action sequences in this newest film were good enough to overshadow the bland plot and make the movie enjoyable to watch. So the franchise loses a little of its brains to flex its muscles.

    And yes, I am a huge fan of the franchise. The original is one of my all-time favorite films.

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