jaws the revenge

A revenge seeking telepathic shark that can fly through the air?.. They seriously jumped the shark this time. This is one of the worst movies ever and it all started with a concept that is so preposterous it should have never escalated past the pitch faze.This is a movie that should be analyzed by anyone interested in film because as a student of film i find it more interesting to examine the flops so one never makes the same mistakes. I won’t go into all of the mistakes but will bring up the most f***ed up examples here to clarify how bad this movie truly is.

First, This time it’s personal is a tag line used on the cover of the box signifying that the battle of wills in this movie are between a human character and a great white from the sea who now knows Mrs Brody personally and her home address. I won’t even continue i think you catch my drift there.

Second, How does a shark travel 3000 miles in 3 days? From Amity to the Bahamas? And when did the shark know she left the house to go? Did he hire a private detective to keep tabs on her?

Third, The conclusion of the movie has a scene in which the boat is used as a weapon to impale the shark while it’s in mid air… I know it is beyond ludicrous but it is even worse filmed. Cause at the time of impact a series of inter cutting scenes from the original are spliced together(reverence is never good in sequels) with long distance shots of the beast. When impact happens it is hard to connect the two so as a viewer you kind of have to connect the dots because the scene itself makes no sense.

Fourth, A roaring shark? I know in the original if you listen closely you’ll hear toward the end this sound but it is used here a lot. As if this beast were Godzilla or a hungry lion it just roars for no reason. Even underwater it yells.

How bad is it? Honestly there is no way to really make a bad film. Filming ants isl considered commendable if you have a good handle on the subject and can either entertain or educate the viewer in some way but JAWS 4 has neither You need to see it just to witness how crappy it is.

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