Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Horror Wrestlemaniac (2006)

Wrestlemaniac (2006)

Is it me or are all the WWE wrestler’s following suit with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and making their mark on the movie industry?  Rey Misterio stars as ‘El Mascarado’ in this 2006 film by Jesse Baget.  This movie is about an amatuer porn film crew traveling through mexico looking for a good place to start making movies.  Their journey eventually leads them to this supposed Ghost town called ‘La Sangre De Dios’  where legend has it, that A disturbed luchador named ‘El Mascarado’ (Rey Misterio) was banished because he gouged a man’s eyes out during a wrestling match.  Oddly enough, the film crews’ van breaks down 20 feet from the mysterious ghost town, so with no other options, they figure it is a good place to shoot some footage.  They start dissappearing one by one as this tale unfolds. I hope you can handle gore, because as he follows the rules of mexican wrestling, ‘El Mascador’ Removes his victims mask(in this case, their face) after he has defeated them.  Some average acting here, I’ve seen a lot worse, I have to give Jesse Baget some kudos for putting this movie together, it is definitely worth the view for horror fans alike.  The film also stars Leyla Milani (a WWE Diva search runner up and #13 on Deal or no deal hosted by Howie Mandel).  

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  1. I saw the DVD for this a while ago at a wal-mart, and thought it looked pretty crazy. Sounds crazy too! Being a wrestling and a horror movie fan, I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the review!

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