After watching a plethora of romantic comedies that try to entertain and fail, it was a great experience to watch a movie that probably would’ve bombed, but had the right mix of heart and humor to be a mild success.  She’s Out of My League took a group of lesser known actors and made it work with original storytelling and raunchy laughs.

Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is an average guy who works at an airport as a member of the TSA with three of his friends.  He wants to get back together with his ex, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane), but she is already dating someone and wants no part of a reunion.  Feeling down about his life, Kirk happens to be in the right place at the right time when Molly (Alice Eve) comes through security at the airport.  He gets her away from a fellow co-worker who is saying inappropriate things to her and when she accidentally leaves her cell phone behind, he finds it and sets up a meeting to get it back to her.

Along with a friend, Kirk meets Molly at a party and returns the phone.  She then offers him tickets to a hockey game as a thank you.  When he goes to the game with his friend, Stainer (T.J. Miller), he is surprised to see that Molly and a friend are also there.  Later in the night, Kirk finds out that Molly intended the evening to be a double date.

Kirk and Molly continue hanging out and start to develop an oddly cute relationship.  Kirk’s friends have a problem with his new-found situation though because they feel that the numerical ranking system of the two is out of whack.  They say that Molly is a “hard 10? and Kirk is only a “5.”  They go through a variety of reasons as to why the couple is all wrong for each other and their opinions start messing with Kirk’s head.

Even with the mocking from his friends, Kirk invites Molly to spend time with his absurd family who make fun of him and treat him with no respect.  He even goes as far as to groom himself in preparation for a night alone with his new companion.  The relationship hits a bump when Molly’s ex, Cam (Geoff Stults), tries to squeeze his way back into her life.  Just when Kirk and Molly are about to take their relationship to the next level, an argument threatens to separate the two and Kirk starts to think that maybe his friends weren’t so wrong.

I found this film to be very endearing.  Sure, there are many raunchy moments, but the concept of a nobody winning the heart of every man’s fantasy is kind of exciting.  I think the reason for the heart of this film is Baruchel.  Yes he is awkward and isn’t exactly leading man material in the traditional sense, but he is likable and enjoyable to watch.  He’s had bit parts in a couple of Judd Apatow films (Knocked Up) and was even a leading man in the little seen I’m Reed Fish.  Baruchel is having a great year with this film, How to Train Your Dragon and the upcoming The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The supporting cast of this film was different and they were definitely the comic relief.  I thought the casting was pretty great though.  His family was made up of Debra Jo Rupp (Mom) and Kyle Bornheimer (Dylan-brother).  His friends were represented by Miller, Mike Vogel (Jack) and Nate Torrence (Devon).  While watching the guys together, it was a little reminiscent of a young Vince Vaughn crew or even another version of the Seth Rogen crew.

I thought the story was just different enough to separate it from others of its kind.  The settings were different (airport, basement, hockey game) and it brought a feeling of originality to it.  So many films use similar settings that you feel like you’ve already watched a film that you’re seeing for the first time.  Eve was pleasant to watch; I can’t say that I’d jump to see her in something else, but she had surprising chemistry with Baruchel.

This film definitely has the potential to do great on DVD; it has that appealing feel of an American Pie film with a Judd Apatow twist to it.   There are definitely laugh out loud moments and it’s just a good buddy comedy with some romance thrown in.