THE SEAT FILLER!The Seat Filler a romantic comedy starring recording artist Kelly Rowland as Janelle recording artist just making a name for herself in the music industry. Duane Martin plays Derrick Harver a college student studying to pass the bar, and do what he can to provide for his family. The movie also stars Comedian DeRay Davis as E.J. Derrick’s best friend and roommate. Spice Girls Melanie Brown as Sandy, Janelle’s friend and assistant. Shemar Moore as Trent, Janelle’s jealous ex-boyfriend, with appearances from Patrick Fischler, Glynn Turman, Christian Copelin, Denise Dowse, and Kyla Pratt as Derrick’s little sister. The movie is written by Duane Martin, Tisha Campbell Martin, and Mark Brown. Produced by Duane Martin, D’angela P. Steed and Nia T. Hill, it takes place in Hollywood California, year 2005.Derrick Harver a thriving college student, up to his neck with bills has to provide for his mom and sister since his father is sick and is too proud to take help from his mother. Gets a job as a seat filler, someone who fills in empty chairs at special celebrity events to make ends meet. His first night at work he meets beautiful, talented Janelle they take an immediate liking to one another. Although Derrick doesn’t really have time for a relationship meeting Janelle changes all of that. Janelle has everything in the world that she could want accept a good man to share it with. When she meets Derrick she starts wanting to know more about him. One night as Derrick is filling entertainment lawyer Alonzo Grants seat Janelle sees him and sends him a message assuming that he truly is Alonzo Grant. Instead of telling her the truth about his real, pathetic life Derrick continues to pretend that he is Alonzo Grant. As they begin to get closer and closer Janelle starts falling in love with him. Derrick realizes Janelle is falling in love with him for the wrong reasons. He wants to tell her the truth, but he’s afraid of losing her. Her jealous ex-boyfriend decides to find out the truth and expose him for the fraud he really is. When Janelle discovers who Alonzo Grant is it breaks her heart and she no longer wants to have anything to do with Derrick. Derrick realizes that by lying he made a terrible mistake after much needed time away from each other. They realize that they can’t live without each other and Janelle realizes that she still loves him despite who is and what he did. The Seat Filler is a wonderful love story that teaches us to be ourselves and if a person truly loves you they’ll accept you for who you are no matter how much or little you have. It also gives music fans a chance to see the true talent of former Destiny’s Child star Kelly Rowland.   

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