Though a grand amount of controversy was made about this film, I must say that it wasn’t bad… at all… it was like her face after she screamed and then it zoomed out. But hey, its what the super-righteous people in this country are here for, right?

Hounddog is the story of a girl in the deep south who is faced with the controversies of the age between childhood and adulthood. One day she has the chance to get a ticket to an Elvis show, and when she is fooled into dancing in the nude in front of a boy to get it, the boy rapes her and runs off. The film was a bit sad and gritty, but it was quite well done.

Best Aspects: Acting was good, and the scenes were well developed.

Bottom Line: B. Pretty good movie. I may recommend it, if the person in question really doesn’t care about how graphic a film is in comparison to the good that outweighs it.

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