Preview: Inception

Christopher Nolan wrote and directed this mind bending journey that comes out July 16. Leonardo DiCaprio stars in this film, which could possibly make it better, depending on if Leo tries to hard to be a bad-ass, or if he pulls a Departed out of his ass. Jonathan Nolan’s film looks to be his best yet, and if it is, then it will certainly win the Best Picture award.

Cobb works for a company built around intercepting secrets through the illegal practice of “Inception,” a device used to create dreams in people’s minds and enter them to steal secrets. The film looks to be the most mind-bending film in recent history from its graphics and amazing sequences.

The film’s best aspects look to be everything. The writing and direction is a given, and the acting will be simply outstanding, with Leonardo DiCaprio, (Nolan Brothers favorite) Ken Watanabe, (other Nolan Brothers favorite) Michael Caine, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Ellen Page and (the other other Nolan Brothers favorite) Cillian Murphy.

Bottom Line (preview): A+. It could be the best film of the year. It probably. Or, it could be the best film ever. I guess we’ll see in mid-July.

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