Fritz the Cat

“Fritz the Cat” features the voice of Skip Hinnant as Fritz. Taken from a underground comic book, “Fritz the Cat” is the first X-Rated Cartoon with characters created by Robert Crumb and directed by Ralph Bakshi.

“I’ve been up and down the four corners of this big old world. I’ve seen it all, I’ve done it all. I’ve fought many a good man, and I’ve laid many a good woman.” These are the words spoken by Fritz, a cat that dropped out of college becomes obsessed with sex, starts all-out riots, and is into hardcore drug use. A world where Crows are black people, Cats are obsessed with sex, and Pigs are cops.

All of this might sound like fun. Don’t be fooled like I was. It’s hard to write a review on a film that has absolutely nothing appropriate to suggest. I tried my hardest to sift through this piece of junk to find something positive to say about it. I came up with one good thing, it’s short. The animation has a twisted look that’s wasted on predictable humor and perverted material. It managed to be rude, crude, and racist (The three no-no’s) all in it’s embarrassing 79 minute running time. The whole thing was a total mess from start to finish.

Although, it’s hailed as a cult classic by many, the first X-Rated cartoon is a complete disaster from my point of view. I would steer far from “Fritz the Cat”. I write this review for one reason. That reason is so that people will place this film where it truly belongs, in Hollywood’s sewer. I wasted my time, money, and a movie rental on this painstakingly disappointing film. I never thought it would be possible to find a movie that is full of sex, drugs, and riots that ultimately results in a waste of time, but “Fritz the Cat” pulls of this feat with no dilemmas.

It couldn’t even spew a laugh out of me. The one question came to mind while this movie burned a whole into my brain was “What were they thinking?”. The answer is, they weren’t thinking. Most of the scenes felt like they were just thrown into place, each of them out of order and mixed up, like the creators were absent-minded or something. A very obscene way of proving a point, if there even was one.

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