First off i want to say i am biased to the original 1978 movie because, well it was first. That movie was effective because the reasoning behind the killers mayhem remained so much of a mystery that filmmakers continued trying to explain the motivations of the force that is somehow guiding the villain. Mostly with mixed results(example:a cult activated him). The remake to the original bothered me only because i have a certain place in my heart for that movie. And for me it was too soon.

Before I decided to watch this movie i watched the remake by Rob Zombie. And was not too pleased with the back story because i thought it took away the mystique, but then i saw this movie and i have to say. This may be one of the most effective horror movies ever made. Not since Candyman anyway. Look i am no stranger to horror movies. I’ve been watching them for decades and let’s be honest, if your going to pick at a psychotic killer or a mastermind bank robber wearing a three piece suit who likes to blow people up, it is relatively the same thing. Just a different method of terror or terrorism if you will. But this movie delivers a genius touch because you do not relate to Michael even though he is actual the narrator. You won’t like what he has to say but your not supposed to relate to him. This movie delivers a cold dark horror without compromise shot on the cheap and that is how real horror movies are supposed to be done. . I still loved the original 1978 and its first sequel but i will say this movie stayed with me after i left the theater. It might be unpleasant but this is real horror.

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