inglourious basterds

I don’t know if it is a war movie, a suspense thriller, romance, drama, horror or just plain old good fashioned pop cinema. Maybe it’s a little bit of all of the above the surprising thing is it does everything right and is so well paced regardless if we know these characters well enough or not when the movie ends you want to see more much more of them.

This movie really surprised me I’ve been on the fence as far as liking or loving Tarantino( i was one of the few who didn’t initially like P.F.) But this.. This is far and beyond one of the most entertaining movie experiences a viewer can get. From the opening sequence to a situation in a cellar Quentin Tarantino channels Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick as well as distinguishing himself as one of the greatest story tellers on the planet.

This is instant classic territory

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  1. I was really anticiapting this movie for 2 years, and i watched it begin the pre-production stages, there were rumors of Michael Madsen being in it, think he could have played Hugo Schtiglitz! But when this came out finally, i wasn’t let down, it delivered in true Tarantino fashion. I love the mix of suspense, the opening scene in the farmhouse, brilliant, Walz preformed wonderfully. The brash, ego-maniac, cool underpressure Aldo Raine as Pitts character was typical tough guy/comic relief. The onl character i could not garner any feelings for was Private Zoller, he was just sort of pathetic, and a bit forgettable. But the dialouge is what tarantino is known for, and there are plenty of great interactions throughout this masterpiece.

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