Funny thing is i actually don’t like the saw brand name. I like horror but it is so difficult to make good horror that i usually shun off sequels because unlike their action movie counterparts they tend to get more generic. Not to say action movie franchises don’t make this mistake too. You just don’t see a lot of great horror trilogies out there if you catch my drift.

Going into this i downloaded part 5 and realized they were not necessarily winging it with the story but setting up future moves by introducing situations. What appeared as an ordinary crazy/zany freak in one episode morphs into a complex chain of events, This happens in the other chapters of this series with varying degrees of failure. But here the writers have an unusual grip on all of the past elements and weave a sort of double helix of climactic endgame scenarios that all work.

The beauty of this strange series is they didn’t bother to get into details in the first movie. Usually sequels of this sort go by the numbers and up the body count becoming more disconnected from the source because new writers try to rationalize the original model but become slaves to the violence(see Halloween 4,5 and 6) digging a bigger and deeper hole . Saw 2,3,4 and five though pedestrian compared to the original are now unique thanks to what occurs here.

Part 6 builds a steady stream of believable suspense and intrigue while injecting genuine pathos, federal corruption and gamesmanship into the proceedings. You get the expected higher body count but now we get real purpose delivered with tactical high impact strategies and opponents facing off everywhere in the biggest and baddest game of death ever.

The dialogue is also sharper. Tobin Bell has a confrontation with a health care official that drips godlike intellect and restraint with an undercurrent of fury that sends shock waves on many fronts. This scene is so riveting i couldn’t believe what i was witnessing. It’s kind of like what would happen if Freddy krugger evolved into the pope. Tobin Bell nails this performance.

No horror movie/part 6 have i ever seen raised the stakes and moved with such an original and breathless pace. The way the story ties together doesn’t feel tacked on like the previous entries either. It fits like a glove… Or a helmet . Making me for the first time since this thing began eagerly anticipating the next move…

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  1. I agree with the perfomance of Tobin Bell, the best by very far in the film. I do, however, think all the stories all constantly run into each other. Not necessarily a bad thing but I feel the only thing to look forward to in the makings of new ones are what traps they use to kill off the victims.

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