Nine Dead

Take the movie Saw. Now with that movie, take out the good acting, torture sequences, take out most things involved with Saw’s lesson and what do you get? The ungodly time waster that was Nine Dead. With the worst acting I’ve recently seen and a TERRIBLE twist, Nine Dead was so bad that I wish I could have gone back in time to where I started watching it and kept myself from watching it.

The story centers around 9 dumbass people stuck in a windowless room handcuffed to rails stuck into the ground who are being held captive by a guy with a mask that threatens that he will kill one person every ten minutes until they either found out why they were there and how they are connected or until they all die.

Best Aspects: A tiny bit entertaining. I was waiting the whole time to see the twist because I was thinking it might be good. But no, it was not. And also I was waiting to see if there was any other gore besides the gay kind.

Bottom Line: F. Terrible movie. Don’t see it.

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