Hot Tub Time Machine

Movie Name : Hot Tub Time Machine

Cast : John Cusack, Rob Corddry , Craig Robinson, Clark Duke

Type : Comedy

Release : 26 March, 2010 (U.S.A.)

“Hot Tub Time Machine”.The name says it all directed by Steve Pink, an Actor who even directed the movie “Accepted”.

The movie is way too funny right from the start we have Craig Robinson(as Nick Webber-Agnou) with his hilarious entry stuck in a death end job at “Sup!Dawg”. His primary interest was rapping and who has a dominating wife and to show her his love he got her last name after his “Webber-Agnou”.

Also Rob Corddry (as Lou) who is an alcoholic and keeps on calling Nick and Adam(Jogn Cusack) to meet them up but they ignore him because they are figuring their own things.

Adam trying to get over his relationship and Nick with his unhappy job.

Also, we have Clark Duke (as Jacob)  in the movie who is Adam’s nephew  lives in Adam’s( John Cusack) basement and plays video games and is a Geek raised by a single mother.

Rob Corddry once gets himself in hospital due to lack of oxygen in his garage.So Adam and Nick just to cheer him up take him to Kodiak Resort where they used to have their fun weekends. When they go they see the place broken down and totally cahnged including the resort and the staff.

Also, look out for the guy with one arm he is the funniest.

So apart from being disappointed about the whole Kodiak Resort Plan. They see the hot tub fixed which was not working when they checked in they all take a dip in it with loads of booze. They get drunk and crazy and they are send back in time i.e. the 80’s which they don’t realise till they go to a bar and find out people dressed in leg warmers and wearing Wayfarer’s.

They find the time was back in 86′ when all three of them (Adam,Nick and Lou) went through a bad weekend that year. Not Jacob because he wasn’t born that year.

They think if they all do the same things again they would go to 2010 again.But they were mistaken and they take this as an oppurtunity to change their lives into something better than what they expected.

This is enough about the movie it is way too funny with the 80’s and with Craig Robinson’s and Rob Corddry’s acting and jaw paining comedy.

Personally i would watch the movie because its funny.

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