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3rd Annual Simpson Awards

Hello all! This year was a bit lacking in film in my opinion, so here’s my best picks in the categories that follow.

We start this year with the ackonwledgment that it was slow and that it didn’t really do much for a film lover like me. Admittedly, I had high expectations for this year’s supposed blockbusters, but my fear came to life: not many films impressed me like 2010’s films did. But I digress. There were some films this year that did spark my interest. So without further adieu, here is my awards list:

Best Original Screenplay:
Super 8

Best Adapted Screenplay:
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

Best Director:
Terence Malick – The Tree of Life

Best Actor:
Brad Pitt – The Tree of Life

Best Actress:
Meryl Streep – The Iron Lady

Best Animated Feature:
The Adventures of Tin Tin

Best Original Score:
Michael Giacchino – Super 8

Best Adapted Score:
Tyler Bates – Sucker Punch

Best Cinematography:
The Tree of Life

Best Editing:
Super 8

Best Sound Mixing:
Sucker Punch

Best Visual Effects:
The Tree of Life

Best Art Direction:
The Tree of Life

Best Costumes:
Sucker Punch

Best Supporting Actor:
Oscar Isaac – Sucker Punch

Best Supporting Actress:
Elle Fanning – Super 8

Best Picture:
Super 8

Thanks again to everyone for reading my reviews. Expect many more to come in 2012, this fine-looking year of films!

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