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Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a Mr. E Movie Review

Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a Mr. E Movie Review

Bieber fever has been unleashed on the world and now nobody’s going to be safe. But just as we thought we had seen it all from the teen pop sensation on both radio and YouTube he hits us where it counts on the big screen with Never Say Never. Even utilizing the latest in film technology craze, 3-D to capture his rise to stardom.

There’s probably not a 13-year-old girl out there whose not been stricken with the highly contagious fever. And for that demographic this one is an easy slam dunk. But, If you’re a parent or grandparent of one of these little screamers you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at the better-than-average experience you’ll have with this part concert film part behind-the-scenes documentary. You’re sure to find out first hand just how talented and likeable Bieber’s really is. And just how hard he had to work to get where he’s at.

Bieber’s rise to celebrity in Never Say Never culminates in a sold out show at the iconic Madison Square Garden. Joining him on stage for his climactic show are pop icons Usher, Miley Cyrus, Boys II Men, and Ludacris. All of whom add an additional element of credibility to the young stars persona.

With all that aside, other than a few brief moments in the film it was a waste of time to see in its 3-D form as only a couple of scenes truly took advantage of this effect. In addition, parts the film have the feeling of a very long infomercial while at other times it’s truly a fascinating peek into what it really took for him to make it through his difficult star-making process.

If your little ones won’t stop bugging you about seeing this one or you’re on the fence about going check out Justin Bieber‘s: Never Say Never I’m sure you’ll find yourself presently surprised and genuinely entertained. That’s why baby baby this one time I’ll give it 3.5 out of 5. ;)

3 thoughts on “Justin Bieber: Never Say Never, a Mr. E Movie Review”

  1. Michael, the fact that you saw this movie makes me question your mindset. Is it even good? Your review doesn’t really say that word in it. Clever song-drop at the end.

  2. LOL. OK, I didn’t make the choice to see it. The newspaper I write for gave me the assignment. But even though, like you, I was resisitant at first I can admit it ended up being good. His story was inspiring and he really is a normal, likeable kid? Although, I did bring my 8 and 9 year old daughters for cover just in case. LOL.

  3. hahaha, that was a good decision, or the other “lonely fathers” at the Justin Bieber movie may have tried to hit on you. Now THAT would be a funny additive to the review. haha, but seriously, I’ll check it out on a torrent, I think that it isn’t really looking inspirational, but moreover says that if you look like a 13 year old and sound like that and have a really high voice, and you sit in front of a concert hall in a stalkerish fashion and play, then you’ll get noticed. I’d do that if it got me noticed, because I’m young enough to be called “young talent,” but I can’t sing and I look like I’m my age. So I guess he has two up on me.

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