Leap Year

Sometimes you watch a movie and know it is going to be bad.  I do this quite often simply because I like to judge a movie for myself and I have a tendency to like things that are not looked upon in the best light.  Leap Year falls into the bad category and there really is no way of sugar-coating that.

This predictable, outrageously boring film tells the story of Anna and her quest to secure herself a fiance.  Anna (Amy Adams) is an apartment stager and has been dating her cardiologist boyfriend, Jeremy (Adam Scott), for four years.  They are looking for apartments together and after Anna’s friend spies Jeremy going into a jewelry store, she assumes that he is ready to pop the question.

While out for dinner, Anna is surprised to see that the gift Jeremy gives her is not a ring, but a pair of earrings.  He has to abruptly leave dinner to attend to a patient and that leaves Anna time to think.  Jeremy is leaving for Ireland the next day for a medical conference and she decides that she’s going to step up and ask him to marry her. 

Anna makes the decision to travel to Dublin to propose to her boyfriend on leap day, which is a tradition in the Irish culture.  Of course, the trip does not go as smoothly as planned and she is sidetracked.  After an airport closure, Anna ends up in Wales where she must find someone to take her to Dublin.  Having a difficult time finding someone willing to help her, she meets Declan (Matthew Goode).  He runs a bar and after much debating, reluctantly agrees to drive Anna to where she needs to go for a hefty fee.

The trip is filled with setbacks and blunders as their car ends up in a ravine, they miss their train and must pretend to be married in order to stay at a local bed and breakfast.  Throughout the trip, the travel companions argue and have a difficult time finding anything they agree upon.

After a few days of travel, Anna and Declan finally make it to Dublin where Jeremy is happily awaiting his girlfriend.  Just as Declan is about to leave, he realizes he may have more of an interest in Anna than he would have thought.  He is upset to see that Anna’s boyfriend is ready to take the next step with her and he leaves without another word.

I couldn’t stop watching the clock on my DVD player as this film went on.  I couldn’t believe that I’d watched 25 minutes of the film and absolutely nothing had actually occurred.  It honestly took until around the 59th minute for me to actually be interested in something that was taking place.  Sadly, that something only lasted about five or ten minutes.

The location of the film was beautiful and all, but the story didn’t add to the surroundings.  I also have a huge pet peeve when I watch actors in a car scene and the bouncing of the car is unrealistic looking.  I could just picture them having a 2 X 4 under the car and someone cranking it up and down or them being on a dolly that shook the car.  I can’t imagine it’s all that difficult to make the movement of a car look authentic.

I’m a huge fan of Adams and the work she’s done, but I did not find her likable in this film at all.  Combining that and her lack of chemistry with Goode, this film wasn’t exactly a promising romance-adventure film.  I actually thought the two lead actors had more chemistry in the last five minutes of the movie than the preceeding 90.  Had they found a way to harness that, this review and this film could have been much different.

I haven’t seen many of Goode’s projects, but I know that he is much better than this film – as is Adams.  I will say that the worst casting choice of this film was the blink and you’ll miss it character of Anna’s father, played by the incredible John Lithgow.  What an absolute waste of his talent.  In addition, I think that Adams and Scott could be the most boring couple to ever grace the big screen.

There was one scene I enjoyed that put the characters in a bed and breakfast with two other couples.  The scenes were very predictable, but they were really the only signs of life this film had.  I wish I could give more enthusiastic positives about this film, but they just weren’t there.

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  1. I have to disagree with your review. While I would be the first to admit that it isn’t a high quality film I found it utterly charming. While the story is predictable as it progresses you get to see the layers of the characters and I felt that both Adams and Goode did a great job. I also found it refreshing that Jeremy (Adam Scott) wasn’t a bad guy, she just learned through the coarse of the film he wasn’t really what she wanted/needed. With lots of great little moments I would recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lighthearted romantic comedy.

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