directed by
Tony Kaye
Starring Edward Norton Edward Furlong Beverly D’angelo and Avery Brooks

One of the most awesome stories of urban decay. The tight rope of honor and power is fought amidst a brilliant display of flashbacks and rehearings that culminate in a shocking conclusion. Edward Norton from the fantastic PRIMAL FEAR and KEEPING THE FAITH turns in his best performance as a neo-natzi skinhead

It plays like a mixture of police reports compiled with diary accounts and a term paper told by a future victim. The ironic thing is through out his narration we lose our way on his journey through a storm of poetically woven chaos. The characters are slaves to their color and attempt to justify rage in the spite of being a victim of a social system that caters to everyone.

The film unleashes racist vulgarity and the soundtrack of an epic struggle for supremacy and it’s elusive grip on the pursuer. Nominated for Oscar. Another 2 wins & 9 nominations American history X is a vile and disturbing monstrously addictive piece of work equal to if not better than BOYS IN THE HOOD.