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Bride and Prejudice (2004)

Bride and Prejudice is an interesting twist to a familair story. Pride and Prejudice goes Bollywood with Gurindar Chadha at the helm(Bend It Like Beckham). The story very much parallels the classic story but as a musical. This comedy drama follows strong, independent Lalita Bakshi ( Aishwarya Rai)a small town beauty bagins a love/hate relationship with wealthy American  William Darcy ( Martin Henderson) who is visiting her small town in India. Between musical numbers, dances and misunderstandings the two continue to attract as magnets through a crazy romance ranging over India, London and LA.

What is great about Indian films, to me, is the dancing and this movie didn’t disappoint. The dancing scenes were well choreographed and exciting to watch, especially the initial dance. They were fast paced, fun and some just hilarious to watch (snake dance).The film also features music and dance by Ashanti, an Indian music sensation, which either adds to the movie or is completely unnecessary. The change in pace seemed appropriate at the time when the location change, from when the Bakshi family travel to London then Los Angeles, though at some points the momentum of the movie seemed to slow considerable then finish abruptly. Which to me gave off a slightly annoying but didnot affect my overall enjoyment of the movie. This film accomplishes the task to entertain and gives a few good laughs, though some were a hit and miss. There were many memorable scenes some for good and not so good reasons. Some shots appeared to be random whereas others seemed unnecessary, which  relates to some minor matching action issues with some shots. But as I said they were only minor.

The actors were pretty well casted and the renowned Aishwarya Rai was wonderful as the Elizabeth Bennet inspired character Lalita, and no less praise to the Bakshi family actors who gave a great performance as your ordinary family trying to get daughters married off. Other actors that I was delighted to see were Naveen Andrews as Balraj (TV’s Lost) and Alexis Bledel as Gorgie Darcy (Gilmore Girls, Post Grad) though i hoped that they would have a little more screen time. After all these first class performances, I was disappointed in Henderson portrayal of William Darcy, maybe it was the script or just his acting but Henderson depict Darcy as being boring, embarrassed and utterly confused as a person and for the audience. The character didn’t come by as a strong person and that’s what he was lacking.   

If you’re an Austen fan, you should definitly take a look at this movie, if you haven’t already and if you’re not, then you should. It a fun loving, enjoyable, entertaining movie. Anyone would get a kick on how this classic tale has been turned upside down, with time change and culture change. Also you get a free dance lesson.. ” Looks like you just screw in a lightbulb with one hand and pet the dog with the other.”

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