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The Princess and The Frog

Everyone knows, that if a princess kisses  one of those green slimy frogs in the fairy tales, she is sure to get a prince from it; But what if something went wrong… What if someone other then a princess kissed the frog… Would something go wrong? That is exactly the question answered in Disney’s twisted version  of the fairy tale “The Princess and the Frog” The story takes place in New Orleans, the home of jazz, steam boats, and the Mississippi. Because of this switch from Fairy Tale lands of long, long ago, the story is unique from all of the Disney Princess movies. It makes sense that Disney is exploring new ground, but the problem with this setting was the fact that the true fairy tale magic was gone, and replaced with voodoo and jazz music…. I know. Not that I didn’t like that, its just not exactly what I would label a “classic” Disney Princess movie.

Now that you get the idea, here’s what I thought about the movie over all.

There is nothing more fun then Jazz music! Disney has always succeeded in pairing tasteful music with each story, and that still holds with Princess and the Frog.

Princess Tiana, is not really a princess in the beginning, so she had a real, personal character that you could connect to better. She had realistic dreams, disappointments, and fought for will power. She was taught to work hard to achieve her dreams, and she did so. The Prince on the other hand, was a broke, life of the party boy. How can a prince be broke? Its complicated, but as the story goes on, and Tiana is stuck with him in a perilous adventure, they both must learn how to balance fun and work.

This movie was enjoyable, and spicy, although it did have one depressing moment that shook me a little, everything turned out happy in the end, just like Disney always does. One thing I didn’t like though, was following the frogs, because you felt claustrophobic because of the angles. I’m just really glad I’m not a frog/bug. Other then that, I liked it, and with fun characters such as Alligators, fireflies, and cute frogs along the way, you should enjoy this it too.  It’s got lots of humor, and has a warming ending.

Not the best Disney movie ever, but it’s certainly not the worst.

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  1. Your review was quite nice, thank you for giving me the heads up on this new disney movie. I want to see this movie because it shows a young african american woman playing a princess this time and I think it will be interesting to see a movie that will put a whole new outlook on disney films.

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