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Top 5: Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has always been one of the best directors I have ever seen in action, being the writer and director in his films, putting on twice the stress and twice the success. Tarantino’s films have been very influential to the style of myself and many other modern directors. And with that, I present to you the 5 greatest and the worst Quentin Tarantino films.


5. Kill Bill: Vol. 2
4. Kill Bill: Vol. 1
3. Reservoir Dogs
2. Inglourious Basterds
1. Pulp Fiction


Death Proof

6 thoughts on “Top 5: Quentin Tarantino”

  1. I can agree with you mostly on this, however the Kill Bill movies were disappointing to me, I didn’t mind them just not great!

  2. This is an awesome list but you didn’t think From Dusk Till Dawn should be in the top 5. That was probably my favorite Tarantino film.

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