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Project X – 4.5/5

When a movie like “Project X” comes about, your not sure the approach your willing to go with it. One thing is for certain its targeted at a very specific audience and well needless to say for lack of better words, this movie is awesome. Project X is finally a laugh out loud movie that is over the top and blows all expectations out the window. So many memorable moments and now some new Quotes for teens to say to there peers “Wear somethin tight” is gonna be mine. Helmed by producer Todd Phillips (director of Hangover) has outdone himself yet again. He put alot of faith into this movie, and although critics may not see whats important, but the audience will love it. How crazy can a movie like this get? its really simple, the promos and ads under-sell this movie, you think its just a crazy party that gets out of control? well you need to think again. Not only are there midgets in ovens, but naked girls galore, playboy models, drugs, jumping off houses, getting laid, flame-throwes, cars in pools and well i don’t wanna give to much away. But teens will more than likely flock to this movie in droves as they should. Project X is worth just that, although most of its demand will be met in theaters, i figure a movie like this will be talked about and remembered for generations to come. its basically Hangover for teens.

Story: 4.5/5 – Costa, Thomas and J.B are pretty much losers in high school, there nobodies, Thomas is the smart one who actually has a future, while Costa grow up in the bronx and never lets us forget it. and J.B is the fat friend you love to have. Now what do these three friends have in common? there going to throw the biggest party ..that will not only make them remembered for years to come, but legends.

Story: 4.5/5 – Now the story is plain and simple, a gigantic party where thousands upon thousands people show up. Yes that simple and some minor things in between. Now unlike most party movies most recent “Take Me Home Tonight”. The parties usually never quite get as out of control as the one depicted in Project X. Which is why you are so thrilled when watching it on the big screen. Acting: 5/5 – for a cast of unknowns, the acting was one of the best this year, the main characters were drop-dead funny .. i could not believe how much i was laughing my ass off. You are rooting for these characters throughout the entire movie and its amazing. I can not remember having that much fun during a movie. It truly just blew my mind. Directing: 4.5/5 – although most people thought Todd Phillips was the director he was not.. a producer none the less. But with the “camera style” type movies now actually taking storm (Chronicle & Devil Inside and now Silent House). Its getting more and more difficult for audiences to buy into this stuff, and here its done how it should be. That for me was very much impressive. Visuals – 4/5 – although there were many naked girls (which believe me, im not complaining). Some of the images at one point did get grotesque but eh. i don’t care.

Overall: 4.5/5 – Project X is a simple-minded movie, the Biggest Party …ever!. This movie puts other party movies to shame!. Undeniably the most raunchy, deliberate and plain crazy!. If you don’t see Project X your missing out, its the one party you honestly can’t miss. That is what Project X is, a movie about a giant party. That is the whole story and people, audiences are not seeing this movie for the “production value or Story” there seeing it for the crazy events that lead up in this movie. Honestly, event after event just keeps outdoing itself i just at times could not believe what i was watching, my jaw was dropped at like several moments and by the end credits i was screaming “YES!” or “MORE!” – Because for a solid 88mins my mind was blown. Sure its not gonna live up to classics such as Animal House, but that is a given, and it may not go down in history books, but for now the Twitter and Facebook buzz will keep this movie going for a long time and i hope it does, and its a movie friends can enjoy together and if ever there is a party like this one.. you should possibly check it out. O and i also heard that this movie is loosely based off a true story from a kid in Australia..but hey who knows?. But i do not one thing….”TO THE BREAK OF DAWN..BITCHES!”




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