Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action Act Of Valor – 4.5/5

Act Of Valor – 4.5/5

When i first head of the movie “Act Of Valor” i immediately thought of Call of Duty the movie?. Is it? in a way, but it still gets the job done. I don’t know and understand how people are not loving this movie?. There is complaints about character development. Which in a way, is true. But there still is some, honestly you feel for this Navy Seals when they go into battle, hoping they make it out alive. So that is probably the first thing you should understand is the fact that there are really no familiar faces or professional actors (there is some exception). But the action sequences this movie has to offer is incredible. I can’t express to you enough how purely great and satisfying this movie was. Now i come from a military family and yes it does affect my judgement of the movie a little bit. But i was ultimately just going into this movie for the ride it was offering. At times this movie is really hard to watch and is graphic, but being completely honest that is a good thing. This movie is not rated R for nothing and the war’s that go on (especially the one depicted in this movie). But people and the audience need to understand how it is. And if you have been affected by any type of loss of a close family member from the military take caution when viewing this movie as some scenes may not be so easy to watch.

Story: (5/5) Of course you all know, from the previews and the ads on television that this movie is the “Real-deal”. Starring Active Duty Navy SEALS. No professional actors. The film mains plot focuses on them trying to capture , rescue a kidnapped CIA officer. While picking new Intel on a new terrorist attack. Being lead by Christo. Where its gonna make “9/11 look like a walk through central park”.

Story: 5/5 – honestly the plot is really great, but i do not think anyone is going to see this movie for the plot, there ready to see some of the best action sequences of there life, the plot and story is really just an added bonus and while my depiction of the story is very short and to the point but honestly that is all the story really is. People may praise or hate the plot, i was just along for the hell of it. Acting: 4.5/5 – for being non-professional actors and real active-duty navy Seals. They killed it, i could feel the emotion in all there voices, they were actually using really code-names, all the tactics you would normally use in missions like these ones. So i was pretty impressed that half this men had never been in front of a camera before. Its just seeing this movie actually does make you proud to be an american. Directing: 5/5 – well considering this movie was done for only a budget of $15million that is pretty impressive considering that the action sequences and cinematography were “raw” and just mind-blowing. The stuff that these guys pulled off you honestly could not believe, i can’t just describe them to you, you just have to see this movie. Visuals: 5/5 – Visuals is the category i never really grade i figure it useless, but what the hell it gets a 5

Overall: (4.5/5) – Starring active duty Seals. Act Of Valor is incredible from start to finish there is never a dull moment in one of the most spectacular action movies i have ever seen. The sequences are to die for and will take your breath away. Best movie the year .. so Far. This is true and yes its only the 3rd month in the year, so its probably not gonna stay the best of the year. But if this movie came out now and im considering the best movie of the year so far. Then hell yes bring on the rest of the year. I was not surprised when i left the movie theater loving this film. Its a motion picture like no other, its truly authentic, and does compliment the tasks that film has made over the years. Now the next big question is why i did not give the movie a 5 star?. Well because although i sound like i praise all the way (which i do). But there is some sense that the movie was not pitch-perfect to get a 5. In order to get a 5 it needs to be perfect i can’t spot any mistakes and although there were some “minor” this movie is till worth viewing over and over again. I will more than likely see this movie 10 more times in theaters. So i advise you do the same. At times you may feel like your playing a video game. But all i say to that is. Just sit back, relax, enjoy the fun.




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