“This Means War” is the latest action-rom/com to come along, and it does it actually look as bad as it may seem? no of course not. I was hooked to this movie, from the films promo’s that actually had me laughing out loud. (i.e Paintball incident). So the marketing wins on this part, i solely also wanted to see the film, mainly for the fact of the films likable stars, Chris Pine, Tom Hardy & Reese Witherspoon (although this is no where on par with there more recent films). Its sill a movie that tries to accomplish what its advertising.. and does it? in a way. But its nothing terrible its just “worthy”. Whats mainly interesting about this film, is it tries to put together what seems like a plot – (you know aside from the whole lover affair or-deal). So that to me was funny, cause it really added nothing to the films plot. Just more tension between the two leads. The ending is so rushed and cliche – (which was expected). But still, aside from all that. There were reasonable performances turned in by all leads, including Hardy, Pine & Spoon. Its not the best action comedy i have seen – (i think its better than Mr & Mrs. Smith , but then again, i did not like that movie). But This Means War is a movie that is highly forgettable, meaning McG does not create the next “Charlies Angles” he basically made this movie, because he could. But for the most part one time viewing for this movie should be fine – (but if your friends make you watch it a 2nd time, it won’t hurt) anything beyond a 3rd viewing, i will probably be questioning your overall opinions on movies.

Story: 3.5/5 – FDR (Pine) & Tuck (Hardy) are on a covert CIA opps mission to bring down one of the worlds most ruthless criminals. While in the process of apprehending the suspect. They in a shoot-out kill the main leaders brother. Which was of course an accident. This resulting in FDR and Tuck’s suspension to there office. This then forcing them to actually spot some free time. Tuck divorced and with a child, is looking for someone new, and finds it in Lauren Scott – (Spoon) a marketing executive who stumbles upon tuck on a local dating website. After there first date Tuck thinks he is in love. But soon enough. FDR stumbles upon Lauren in a local video store, where they may not hit off, but they do become “more than friends”. But once FDR & Tuck know that they are after the same women, all bets and hats are off. Enlisting in us tactical search and rescue teams, wire-taps, everything you name it. In order to get the advantage over the other, its an all out war, as the best friends will eventually go head to head in order to get the girl of there dreams.

Story: 3.5/5 – The story is not bad, its just a little to racy. I like a good action/comedy story movie romance going on, and when you have the likable talent you have in this movie, there really is nothing different, although there is not so much violence per-say, its more comedy than anything. But still its not a bad script, just need more emphasis on some minor details in order to regain the full effect i’m sure the movie was going for. Acting:3.0/5 – so when nothing is turning out right, the plot is not that great, and the action is not what you want, you need to rely on the acting chops. That of course is covered. Tom Hardy (fresh off his role from Warrior) and Chris Pine (Unstoppable) and of course Reese Witherspoon (Sweet Home Alabama). Now the acting is pretty decent, as far for this movie. Any other movie and well the acting would have been more corny and cheesy then it already was, i did enjoy most of the performances aside from Chelsea Handler – she was getting to annoying. Her jokes were really raunchy (which garnered the film an R rating in the first place – they had to cut several jokes). Directing: 3.0/5 – McG is no Christopher Nolan, but he did bring and direct the smash hit, 2001’s Charlies Angles and i still give him credit for that, was not a bad movie. Umm i can’t say the same for Terminator Salvation.

Overall: 3/5 – This Means War takes the spy genre to new heights, adding some familiar faces to the mix. Is it completely predictable? No. But mostly yes. Although you won’t be watching this film over and over. Its still a movie you can see once, laugh out loud, and then forget all about it by next week. Its true this movie is not perfect, but a fun time to get see with your friends laugh at the films crude and dumb jokes sure?. Some of the jokes are actually funny, while others are questionable. With the exception of what McG brings to the table and the films main acting leads. This movie is rare, but from me? it gets a pass. I’m not obsessed with this movie, but i did enjoy parts of it. Now its up to you if you wanna waste the time to see it. Its a movie where you should not have to rush out and see, but if you wanted to say wait for dvd?. Thats nothing bad. Although your wife or whoever may drag you to see it, don’t feel to worried because it has something for everyone. Although it may not be no holds bar – action extravagant. It will more than likely be a pleasure to see one time, possible twice at most 3. Its not a movie worthy of multiple views. It may seem like it at first. But just so you understand, only make the trip once to see it, cause after one time, you probably will start to hate it more and more.





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