Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Action,Adventure,Drama Survi on SIMHA (Telugu) (2010)

Survi on SIMHA (Telugu) (2010)


Balakrishna in SIMHA

Father hits villain and villain goes into coma and it’s the turn of son to get back villain to a normal and kill him.
Sounds cliché, but when you have a tight screenplay with Balayya getting power punch dialogues, roaming around with “Rajamouli Kathi” , dancing, double meaning dialogues with Namitha then it is a feast for mass audience.
Director Boyapati Seenu takes up a time tested subject and plays to the gallery. First half deals with the sole aim of establishing heroism and adding songs (Balayya and Namitha). Story is wafer thin and sounds very rotten like Acid Case, Drugs but the way director elevates heroism through these scenes is commendable.
The basic advantage of the movie is the way all central characters except Senior Balayya are established in the first half which indirectly create curiosity towards flash back episode.
Second half starts with a bang with Narasimha and Balayya gets to deliver some punch dialogues which we have been missing since Lakshmi Narasimha. He is best in business in terms of dialogue delivery and his diction, modulation is outstanding.
1. Photography – Reminds of Senthil photography in some action scenes
2. Direction – extracted nice performances from all actors esp. Balayya
3. Editing – the way 2 scenes are correlated in first half is nice
4. Fights – One word. Highlight
For all of those who think Balayya can deliver a big hit sans graphics, cheap scenes then this is surely for them. For remaining who can’t relish these mass masala film it may be a rehash of jayam manadera, etc.
Got tired of watching small time heroes fighting big villains then watch this as Balayya calls for “Bring 10, plus 10, plus 10”.
It is a complete movie for masses and if you think something is missing in the movie ->
“aakali thirindi balayya fans ki ee matram chaalu”
On the flip side excessive violence, vulgarity have a major say in this flick – but who cares as the target audience fans will be surely delighted about “Vamsham” dialogues and the epilogue which shows Balayya pic on a Yellow flag signaling his stronger role in TDP.

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