The Warrior’s Way (2010) The best way to describe The Warrior’s way is western fantasy action film with a bit of drama in-between. It starts off comic-book style and mingles with western, yet somehow never quite pulls it off.

At the heart of the story we have a the best swordman/ninja assassin Yang played by Dong-gun Jang who spares the life of a child he’s been made to kill and goes on to hide in small American town, where the locals are also part of a circus (No, not the travelling kind or the kind that has audience other than themselves but never mind). There he meets a string of unlikely characters who in turn bring him a sense of self-discovery as he learns simple things in life such as hanging up the washing? In the town our hero meets a potential love interest in the form of Lynne (Kate Bosworth) a survival of a bandit attack who ends up being trained to sword fight by Yang.

The rest is a rather follows a pretty predictable structure. On the other hand the fight scenes are impressive and there are some interesting special effects. However the heart of the story is never truly captured no matter how many flying ninja’s are thown in the mix. The film can be enjoyable yet you can’t help but feel let down when the end battle doesn’t quite make sense. See it if you like mindless action but don’t expect to be moved. Oh well at least there’s Cowboys vs Aliens to look forward to.