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a nightmare on elm street

A nightmare on elm street is one of my favorite slasher movies. This is a horror/mystery. In the beginning the actoin starts right away. Of course it starts as a bloody death!As the days go by they all die but some deaths are not at all like the original. They were bothe pretty bloody and great.The story was kind of diffrent then the original. Freddy is killing the kids on elm street because they told the truth that caused freddys death.In the original freddy would kill them because their parents killed him or something.And the stupidest part was it was all connected to a PRESCHOOL!!!!! They also didnt have one of my favorite scenes in the original, Glen getting sucked in a bed and blood coming out of his bed, that could of been even more great now. Wes craven or samuel bayer, Jackie Earle haley or Robert Englund the movie couldnt getany better.AS a nightmare on elm street fan I couldnt not just skip this. you should watch it and leave me some comments.                                                                               _JONES293 dONT FALL ASLEEP!!!!!!!!!!

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