Doug Glatt (Sean William Scott) is the black sheep in a family of doctors. While working as a bouncer, he yearns to known as someone important who does something important; but with a low IQ and no ambition, he feels stuck as a nobody. When he attends a hockey game with his foul-mouth and openminded best ¬†friend, Ryan (Jay Baruchel), a hockey player makes an offensive comment and Doug takes it personal. ¬†That’s when his talent is showcased as he delivers massive blows to the hockey player’s head. The coach of that team recruits him and sends him to his brother’s hockey team. A team that hasn’t win a game every since their start player got hurt and is now too scared to play. That’s where Doug comes in; he is sent to protect that player from others and to beat up anyone who comes near him. Everything seems perfect for Doug, expect he doesn’t know how to play hockey and the guy his is protecting is a loose cannon. Will he help the team win at least one game? Will the team disown him because he can’t play?Review:

I enjoyed watching this film. For one, I’m such a fan of Sean; I think he is so funny and his eyes are so hypnotizing. Two, I loved the story (based off a true story) and how the director slowly placed everything together. For instance, in the beginning Doug is having a hard time connecting with his teammates but the connection slowly builds as he shows then that he will “bleed for his team.” I absolutely love Doug’s personality. He is like a puppy; he is very kind and polite and appears fragile. But when provoked, he turns into a face bashing animal like all he sees is red. I love that. I hate seeing jerks on the screen who are tough but have terrible personalities. Doug is like a gentle knight come to save the village. Ross Rhea (Liev Schreiber)- a great actor by the way-is the hockey league’s most dangerous player making a great competition for Doug. His role was very mellow but in a silent psychic way. I enjoyed the script, the location, the action and the characters. This is a nice laid back movie; it’s not amazing but it is pleasing. All in all, I will see this film again.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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