The Heartbreak Kid

Farrelly brothers fans, they’ve done it again! However, it is up to you to decide if that is a good or bad thing; me, I’m sharing the following input as a review.

The Heartbreak Kid as directed by the Farrelly brothers, Bobby and Peter, is a remake of a 1972 film about a guy who gets married to a woman a little too quickly and then starts falling in love with another woman he meets while on their honeymoon. The cast is headed up by Mr. Ben Stiller with Michelle Monaghan, Malin Akerman, Jerry Stiller, and Rob Corrdry along for the ride.

The Farrelly’s of course came into fame with their smash hit of crude comedy: “There’s Something About Mary”, though they have also made some not so crudely humored films such as “Fever Pitch.” Many saw The Heartbreak Kid as a welcome back to the blend of gross-out humor and romantic comedy, yet those craving to revisit the genre may be in for too much of a good thing visited one too many times. This movie feels like a Farrelly brother film all the way to the point that I could predict what would happen or what sort of event/ plot point would occur next. This meaning I got bored really quickly.

Stiller’s character is actually fairly unlikable when all is said and done and is way too good at coming up with lies on the spot to ever redeem himself. Therefore, there is no one to really root for in the film, leaving the jokes and gags to be the fall back for entertainment. The gags, however, are hit and miss with one climatic point near the ending being so over the top corny it was hard to appreciate. Granted I really wanted to applaud a “peeing on someone joke”, but just found myself, not grossed out, but disappointed.

The movie itself put me in a bad mood. It wasn’t because it was just a bad movie, it was some underlying subliminal thing within the film itself; there is a major negative vibe throughout. It is a negative reflection on relationships and just love and life in general and I’m not saying it needed to be more happy go lucky, but it just…fine I’ll be blunt: the movie sucked.

The ending should have given more closure to actress Mali Akerman’s character, I think she went through the most crap for the role and did the nude scenes, then like some major prop disappears. I wanted to disappear halfway through the film. The Farrelly’s have gone to the well one to many times on this one and brought back tainted water. Boo, I say: boo.

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