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Reign Over Me…not completely

Adam Sandler is no stranger to drama having starred in Punch-Drunk Love , though most of his fans found him to be strange in such a role. Sandler takes another stab at being dramatic with Reign Over Me, starring himself with Don Cheadle. Can Sandler overcome his comedic roots and bring a dramatic character to life?

Directed by Mike Binder who also takes on the acting role of Sandler’s accountant in the film, Reign Over Me is the story of two past friend reuniting after one has been through the tragedy of losing his family and the other is trying to cope with becoming a better husband within his. Jada Pinkett Smith, Liv Tyler, Saffron Burrows, and Donald Sutherland all drop off some of their acting talents to help out, along with a few other faces you are sure to recognize.

This movie looks to have been taking notes when Crash won the Oscar for Best Picture, because visually it appears to have gone for the same night in the city look. It is beautifully shot, however the plot relies too much on the rich atmosphere and Sandler’s acting. The main characters are interesting, but they are plodding along to nowhere. Very slow, often repetitive this is an exploration into mourning with the intentions of trying to make you cry. If you are the type of person who cries easily during movies, then Sandler will more than likely get to you later in the game if you can last. It was such a dark and dramatic story that it was indeed hard to get past Adam Sandler’s great acting, and there didn’t seem to be much else to the film other than: look Sandler can make you cry.

As touching as the subject may end up being, they pour it on too thick and wind around to a court drama that just seems like another silly plot point being added just to cater to these characters who are strong, but lack an entertaining movie to be within. If one is looking to take away a message from this film it probably isn’t going to be worth sitting through the depressing events as they unfold, over and over again; one of those movies where while watching you just think: “I should turn this off and go live some life.”

Great acting and directing, and overall a nice visual package, but it feels more like a resume credit to prove Sandler’s talents as opposed to being of entertainment value. Tragedy, mental illness, and post traumatic stress disorder, do indeed make good subject matter for exploration in a film, and such art could be therapeutic for all of us I am sure, but this one didn’t get to me; if it were a good movie it would have.

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  1. I completely disagree, this movie was incredibly good and underated. If it was any other actor than adam sandler youd be praising the thing. Adam Sandler did great in it. He kept the mood lighthearted and comical while the tone was serious. I really enjoyed the movie and even teared up a little bit towards the end.
    Great flick.

  2. That is what I think makes it so good, its different from a lot of every movies around. The idea of Adam Sandler tossing in suttle comedy while being torn apart inside from the loss of his family just came across so good. He was devastated he blocked off the whole idea. I really thought the whole film was just heartwrenching, I mean they really tried to make it come off as such a comedy with drama involved but it was really the other way around. The script in my opinion was just perfect.
    I fell in love with the movie when I saw it

  3. I thought this movie was worth watching, but definitely not one that I’d pay for to see in the theater. The preview of the film makes the film look like its a dramedy, but when I watched it seemed more like a comedy with a little hint of drama that was more forced than real. I didn’t really get to see Sandler’s character suffer all that much. It’s as if he knew that his situation would be better by some premonition not shown in the film.

  4. I agree with zman1310 on this one. In my opinion, this is a film with truly remarkable performances from not only Don Cheadle but especially Adam Sandler as a man on the brink of a nervous breakdown. A very effective “Buddy Flick” that is the must-see movie of the year. A tremendous film with an oscar worthy performance from Adam Sandler. This year’s best movie. I gave it a perfect score.

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