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Snow White and The HUntsman-Review

            Everyone knows the story of Snow White but this time the story is told in a modern day aspect. After Snow White’s (Kristen Stewart) mother and father (king and queen) as a child, her evil step mother Ravenna (Charlize Theron) rules the kingdom under her dark magic. Ravenna fights and prides herself of being the fairest in the land meaning that she is the most beauty and youthful (by stealing other women’s youth) until Snow White comes of age and she holds the title. The only way to remain the fairest and immortal is to hold Snow White’s heart in her hands. When Snow is summoned from her prison cell, she makes a break for it and is chased into the dark enchanted forest. Only one man has traveled through and survived, so the Queen tells The Huntsman (Chris Hemsworth) to retrieve her and she will give him what he most desires. The Huntsman captures her but before returning, he learns that the Queen will not hold up to her end of the bargain and he helps Snow escape. Now they both are on the run from the Queen and her magic as they try to get to Snow’s childhood friend’s kingdom and form an army to fight back. Will Snow and The Huntsman make it? Will the Queen use her magic to trick Snow? 


            I heard so many great reviews for this film and was dying to see it. During my viewing, I was dying for it to be over. This is a bad movie. For one, I realize that I hate Kristen as an actress because she acts the SAME ways in all of her films. She fidgets a lot, stammers over her words and by George! she cannot keep her mouth shut to save her life. There are plenty of great actors present but their line delivery was poor and the accent (except Chris) was even worse. There were too many reality tv moments; meaning on a reality show, there comes a time when the camera just looks at the character and the character does nothing while a ridiculous song plays in the background. I couldn’t even enjoy the cgi which was okay because the moments leading up to them were not acceptable. It is a shame that I expected so much from this film. All in all, don’t be fooled by the cool looking trailer; I will never see this film again. Rating: 2 stars

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  1. Also, what’s up with all of the crying? I declare this was suppose to be an action type film not a chick flick. Everyone, especially Snow kept laying on the water works. That was so annoying I wanted to slap her until she stopped. These tears didn’t even seem heart felt, it just seemed like she was shunning nonverbally.

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