Stonage: Inception

My favorite movie is Inception. The angles are beautiful, the plot is unmatched and the acting was surprisingly very good. The lack of information on supporting characters, purposeful in a sense to make you only see that Cobb is who the story is REALLY about, or in accident because of the already overwhelming substance of the movie, is a drawback to anyone trying to get too deep of a character study out of it. Oh, and did I forget to mention the AMAZING mind-f*** sequences, such as the hotel hallway scene? The movie is an all-around gem, and that is why I figured I’d add it to my list of Stonage reviews. Was it amazing in that state of mind?

Yes and no. The movie was amazing in the sequences where the manipulation of reality in the dreams occurred, and the action scenes were great. Even after seeing this movie 5 times, I still feel that “are they gonna make it?” worry-like sensation, which is a key attribute for a great movie: constant interest.

But, again, this is a Stonage review, and therefore my mind wasn’t raveling around the great cinematography of the movie, more so the “whoa, dude!” moments, which were occasional at best (especially in the beginning). Now I am a smart person, I have a 3.75 GPA with an AP class in my high school, but when watching this, it wasn’t helpful at all. I made the mistake of ensuing in conversation with a friend, and it went on for five minutes. When I went back to watching the movie, I was COMPLETELY lost. But it was still good.

Bottom Line: A+ (regular) & B (Stonage). Still awesome, but heed this warning: If you are going to do a certain thing that makes everything “better” and “more fun,” make sure that you don’t watch this movie, because you WILL be lost.

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  1. Spot on JC. The movie demands full attention from its viewers. What stands out from this movie are the slow-mo action stunts that occur upside down, lol. It also has a tricky ending that, I believe, is left for the audience to decipher.

  2. It certainly is, and you can’t do that when you are in this state of mind. The movie is more of a paradox in and of itself, and not just a movie, but a thought. That thought is: what do YOU believe? The point of it is that the viewer must decide if it is, in fact, a paradox, or if you are optimistic, and believe it to be a reality, a new grasp for hope, a possible voice in the darkness that is the human mind… and none of this can be accomplished whilst being high. You’d just be talking about it for too long, and wont be able to focus on what you want to say. Point is: See this movie, but not while you are high.

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